We don't simply automate existing processes, we enable companies to develop new products and business models based on the data within.

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Stay connected to your operations wherever you are, with insight to your equipment, plant, personnel and lone-workers with our ktrack® platform. Automated workflow,  notifications and alerts reduce operational risk, improve productivity and release staff time.

Use Cases

Connecting your business to the future with specialist IoT solutions
Asset Tracking and Inventory Management

Employ real-time tracking and monitoring of your critical asset location, usage, and condition. Use data to improve supply chain management, reduce inventory loss, and optimise asset utilisation. 


Lone Worker & Contractor Management

Industries with significant physical hazards, like construction, manufacturing, and agriculture, frequently require solitary work in remote areas with dangerous machinery. The utilisation of location tracking confirms workers’ mobility and their presence in the correct locations. In case of emergencies, essential data regarding past routes can be shared with emergency services to aid in swift response.

Predictive Maintenance

Don’t wait until a piece of machinery breaks downOur IoT based predictive maintenance software is developed to gather equipment data to detect issues that may result in problems and dwell time down the road. After gathering this data predictive maintenance analytics will predict equipment failure and determine the best course of action to mitigate this risk. 

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