‘Going for Green’ with Kinsetsu’s Air Quality Monitoring

Jan 7, 2022

In 2021, Kinsetsu began working with one of the largest and most famous harbours in the British Isles on an air quality monitoring project. As part of our partnership, we installed state-of-the-art technology to monitor levels of air pollution and empower the organisation to progress towards becoming a Green Port.

As described in Port Technology International, a Green Port is one that “invests and encourages in environmentally friendly and sustainable operations in all formats of the ports and maritime industry”.

The air quality monitoring solution, designed and implemented by Kinsetsu, uses a network of sensors to accurately measure gas and particulate matter formed from emissions and automatically detects when air pollution levels are higher than usual. This is a step-change from traditional methods, which require manual location checking and are absent of any kind of automated or real-time information.


Image – an example of Kinsetsu’s Air Quality Monitoring dashboard showing the levels of various particulate matter in a specific area.


Kinsetsu worked with the harbour organisation to identify suitable, strategic locations across the estate before installing and connecting the technology to the harbour’s own networks. The real-time data collected from the sensors is analysed and presented on an interactive dashboard to facilitate reporting and trend analysis of air quality across the entire harbour estate.

Why this is so important – One of the strategic goals for nearly all the UK and Ireland’s significant trading harbours is to achieve Green Port certification, which is why they are investing in and using new technologies to monitor and improve air quality across their estates – a key part of Green Port requirements.

To achieve this, they partner with Kinsetsu for both the technology and support that enables them to closely examine their air quality levels – via real-time, location-specific data to make the necessary decisions and changes to their practices, thus supporting their progress towards achieving their Green Port goals.