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With passion, collaboration, and a bespoke digital transformation roadmap, we are empowering local governments to provide the best services, improve citizen safety, support vulnerable people and create a better world. 

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Use the power of sensors and our innovative ktrack® platform to streamline business processes and improve operational effectiveness with increased visibility and traceability.

Our diverse government solutions are all based on ktrack®, one platform giving you rapid insight to overcome business challenges and deliver on the promise of digital transformation. Take your first step today.

Cost Savings



Service Improvement

Proven IoT Solutions include:

  • Real-Time Equipment Locating with Readiness Status
  • Smart Transport for Management of Individual Journeys Whilst Optimising Fleet and Improving Communication
  • Next-Generation Footfall Counting for Tourism & Visitor Insights and Investment Priorities
  • Smart Facilities Management
  • Field-Engineering Equipment Maintenance & Readiness Status
  • Automated Recycling Bin Monitoring
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Weather Monitoring in Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty with alerting insights for citizens.

Use Cases

Special Education Needs and Disability transport management (SEND)

Designed for safer and optimised passenger transport. Our solution provides better communication of real-time information and safer and more efficient transport services utilising Geo zone passenger pickup, journey and incident alerting. 

Data about vehicles and passengers is seamlessly captured, manipulated and analysed to drive efficiency, optimisation and safety.  

Replacing paper-based manual checking and reducing time to complete this daily task to seconds.    


Real time asset locating and monitoring

Providing councils with on-demand access to information is the first step to effective digital transformation. By enabling pro-active service management, the increased visibility and traceability of government assets, reduces manual processes and streamlines back-office work.   

Next gen footfall counting 

Our solution is as unique as your destination. To gain full clarity and understanding of visitor numbers to specific areas.   

– Tracks visitor movement ins/out, revealing seasonal trends   

– Analyse specific geographical features at a click.   

– Scalable and custom, from local attractions to cities across the globe.   

Real time air quality and weather monitoring 

The solution uses network of next generation air quality monitoring sensors that will accurately measure gas and particulate matter formed from harmful emissions.   

Air Quality data will be analysed with data being presented on an interactive business intelligence dashboard to facilitate visualisation, reporting and trend analysis of air quality across a variety of locations. 

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