We provide unparalleled insight to medical asset location and status, improving safety, releasing staff time, and delivering early benefit realisation for Health boards and Trusts.

ktrack® helps unburden busy teams with insight, assurance, traceability, time and operational efficiencies.
It delivers real-time monitoring and locating of your critical assets in flow across your building, your estate, and into homes in the Community. We capture count, location, dwell time, utilisation, and service status. Data insights help you to optimise your equipment, patient and service flows, improving safety and reducing Capex spend because when you know where everything is, you don’t need to order more of it!

Infinite Possibilities

Its not about the sensor, its about the Data

 Our intelligent software platform enables us to continue to add use cases.

Use Cases

  • Medical Devices (BiPap, Cpap)
  • Beds, Mattresses and Pumps
  • ED Patient Flow
  • Wound Evacuation Pumps
  • Field Hospitals Clinical and Non-Clinical Devices
  • Covid-19 Contact Association (Community)
  • Capital Equipment
  • Medical Gas Cylinders
  • Medical Records

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