Kbot, a groundbreaking RFID-enabled mobile trolley, bridges the gap between traditional operational demands and the digital future in both healthcare and commercial environments.

As a cost-effective digital transformation tool, it employs IoT technology to provide organisations with actionable data for smarter decision-making. Kbot’s ability to manage and audit equipment locations in real-time ensures efficient asset oversight, enhancing the selection, assignment, or removal process across various settings.

Designed for both real-time online and reliable offline use, Kbot guarantees continuous operation, even in areas of poor connectivity. This adaptability makes it a dependable asset in any environment, ensuring that your operations remain uninterrupted despite network challenges.

Endorsed by the UK Government and the Ministry of Defence (MOD) for its security and reliability, Kbot stands as a trusted solution for modernising equipment management. Explore how Kbot can drive efficiency and informed decision-making within your organisation, meeting today’s demands with tomorrow’s technology.


Clinical grade trolly

Clinical Grade Trolley

Compact and lightweight height adjustable cart, designed for easy movement in tight spaces complete with lockable drawer and durable work surface.​
High performance

High Performance

Equipped with an onboard microcomputer, this device offers multiple inputs/outputs, direct LED connections, a loudspeaker, and dual RJ45 ports for versatile connectivity.​

High Quality & Robust

Complete with a thin form factor antennae, circular polarisation and a radiation pattern characterised by a wide beam in all directions in one hemisphere.
HP Icon

HP EliteBook 645

The HP EliteBook 645 is a powerful, highly secure PC allowing easy standardisation into existing IT environments, giving users the tools needed to work from anywhere.


What this means for you

It promotes mobility, organisation, and efficiency while maintaining a professional, secure and hygienic appearance. Enhancing user experience in these environments.

Ensures accurate asset tracking

Reduces the risk of errors and improves data integrity. Critical in healthcare settings where quickly locating medical equipment or supplies can be a matter of life and death. In commercial environments, it reduces downtime and enhances productivity by ensuring that the right tools or inventory are readily available.

 360 Degree coverage

Faster and more efficient scanning to update location and status of equipment. IP67 rating illustrates robustness and lasting durability.

Integrating the laptop with the trolley creates a mobile workstation, allowing users to access ktrack® and critical data in real time.

This compatibility is crucial in corporate or healthcare settings, where maintaining a consistent IT infrastructure simplifies management and support.