Leadership Team

A dream you dream alone may be a dream, but a dream two people dream together is a reality.



Jackie Crooks (left) 
Joanne O’Doherty (right)

Joanne O’Doherty and Jackie Crooks, the co-founders of Kinsetsu, are driven by a shared vision to revolutionise the way organisations harness and interpret data. With a passion for innovation and a deep understanding of the potential of IoT technology, they embarked on a journey to create a transformative solution that would empower organisations to view, manage consume data in a more visual and meaningful way.

Their combined business expertise and relentless determination culminated in the creation of Kinsetsu and the birth of ktrack®, a groundbreaking IoT platform designed to optimise asset utilisation and management. Fuelled by their unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, Joanne and Jackie have propelled Kinsetsu to the forefront of the industry, delivering unparalleled value to clients across various critical sectors.

As pioneers in the field of data visualisation and IoT technology, Joanne and Jackie continue to lead Kinsetsu with unwavering dedication, driving forward their vision of a more connected and data-driven world. Kinsetsu is poised to continue pushing boundaries, shaping the future of asset management and data analytics.