Ktrack® is an IoT platform that provides seamless and automated data insight about your most critical assets, enabling you to make informed decisions. The intelligent tracking platform automates and optimises daily tasks and services. ktrack® provides immediate visibility and traceability of business assets, automating insight and releasing search time for busy teams.


Features include:

  • Real-time location awareness a status validation
  • Automated insights and instant visibility for team unburdening
  • Process transformation for reduced risk whilst driving efficiency, ensuring camplience, and emproving safety.
  • Workflow optimisation to lower operational costs.
Experience a new standard in managing and utilising business assets effectively with Ktrack®.


Introducing kbot, the revolutionary RFID enabled mobile trolley for clinical and commercial environments. Are you managing equipment in a pressured healthcare system or a dynamic commercial environment? kbot is designed to be a cost effective kickstart for organisations to begin a digital journey, leveraging IoT technologies to utilise the actionable data to drive decision making:

  • scan, group and update thousands of assets location seamlessly in real-time. kbot users can better manage and audit their equipment within locations to select, assign or remove from the area.
  • kbot is optimised for real time online connectivity, meanwhile providing a resilient offline mode that ensures uninterrupted operation in the event of a network drop-out or a poor connection area.
  • secure and trustworthy, our technology has been commissioned by the UK Government and Ministry of Defence (MOD)